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Welcome to the Town of Falher, Alberta the Honey Capital of Canada. Located in the Municipal District of Smoky River No. 130. (780) 837-2221.
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Falher Hotel and Cozy Lounge. Restaurant and dining room. Liquor outlet. 6 Main Street NE (780) 837-2041.

Honeycomb Inn & Lounge. 801 Main Street, Falher. Opened in 1998. (780) 837-3500.

Gerry's Suites & Motel. (780) 837-2513.


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Falher Municipal Campground. Located in the Town of Falher on Highway 49. 30 sites, electric hook-up, showers, RV dump, hiking trails, two playgrounds. (780) 837-2247.

Five Star Golf and Camp. 15 camping sites, electric hook-ups, fishing, swimming, beach, bike trails. Located 17 miles south of Falher. (780) 837-2100.


Five Star Golf Course. Located 17 miles south of Falher. 9 holes Par 32. (780) 837-2100.
Five Star Golf website
Smoky River Regional Golf Course. McLennan. (780) 354-3661.

Little Smoky Ski Hill. (780) 837-8144. Little Smoky Ski website.

Ecole Routhier Elementary School. K- Grade 6. (780) 837- 2114. Grade 7-12 students are bussed to Donnelly a few km away.
Ecole Routhier Elementary

Ecole Heritage School, 110 rue Charbonneau. (780) 837-3266.
Ecole Heritage website

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Falher's Railway Station was built in 1930. Located on the east side of town along Highway 49 next to the Falher Campground. It is now the Visitor information Centre. Tourisme Smoky River Tourism. (780) 837-4690.

Falher Town Office (780) 837-2247. website
Falher Chamber of Commerce (780) 837-2364

Falher Centennial Curling Club has 3 sheets of ice. 030 Central Avenue N.W. Falher. (780) 837-2551.

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The Falher Church.
The 1st Falher Church at the St. Jean Baptiste Mission is now a Historical Site and is open to the public for viewing.



Located approximately 170 km north-east of Grande Prairie, Alberta is the Town of Falher with a population of 1,200 people. (2015 stats) living in 497 dwellings. Located north of Highway 49. (About 100km east of Rycroft)

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Elevator, Old Building, Town Office, Info Plaque, Library, Farmer, Alfalfa Plant

The area was known to the missionaries long before it was surveyed by Mr. Selby in 1909 as an Indian Trail that led to British Columbia and later where the railway laid its tracks. In 1912, the Mission St-Jean Baptiste de Falher was opened 5 km from the current location. When the railway came to the area in 1915, the settlement was named after Father Constant Falher, a Roman Catholic Oblate missionary who was born in the town of Josselin Brittany, France in 1863 and came to Canada in 1887 arriving at Grouard in 1889. He was known for his ability to speak the Cree Language and referred to the area around Falher as the "Happy Hunting Ground" of the Indians. At that time there were a large number of fox in the area.
The colony then divided into what is known as the Village of Donnelly and the Town of Falher. In 1919 the Falher consolidated school district No. 69 and the parish Ste. Anne were established.

Featuring the Main Street Falher
The Dual Cam shows both sides of the street as one travels south along Mainstreet of Falher towards the main highway. (For best results increase video to fill screen)

View VIDEO> (2:54min)

The first post office opened in 1923 with P.N. Blais, the first postmaster. Falher became a hamlet in 1923, in 1929 it became a village, and in 1955 was incorporated into a town.

Some of the top industries of Falher are agriculture and related services, retail, health & social services and also education services. There are over 20,000 colonies of bees which produce an average of seven million pounds of honey each year which is 40% of Canadian honey. The life expectancy of residents in the area is 77.5 years, and the average family inccom is $86,940 (2013)

Falher is very strong in the agriculture industry with Viterra located on the outskirts of town. Falher Alfalfa was one of North America's largest Alfalfa Processing Plant but closed its doors in 2008, as the result of rising costs. It had employed between 35 full time to 110 employees at the busiest time of the season. (picture of Falher Alfalfa)

One of the quiet residential streets in Falher, Alberta.

Events of Falher:
Annual Honey Festival is held in July and pays tribute to the beekeeping industry. Includes live bee-beard demonstrations, live entertainment, the Honeybee Parade, midway childrens games, street market and more. The Smoky River Agriculture Trade Show is held in March at the Falher Arena, Curling Rink, Club Alouette and Knights of Columbus Hall. Includes 200 exhibits and free pancake breakfast.

Events of the Peace Country

Retrouvailles 100th Anniversary Homecoming 1912-2012 took place July 29-July 1, 2012 at the Falher Regional Complex.

Falher is a bilingual town and is evident by the many stop signs.
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Ecole Heritage School, Built in 1951 is a Francophone School. (since 1997) K to Grade 12. Located at 110 rue Charbonneau.
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Centre Chevalier - ACFA - Radio CKRP - Bingo Hall. (Association canadienne francaise de Alberta) located next to the Honey Bee along Main Street.
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Home to the Falher Pirates, (Senior Hockey team) NPHL, that challenges other teams in the Peace Country. The 2018-2019 NPHL consists of 7 teams. North Peace Hockey League. EAST DIVISION: Falher Pirates, Grimshaw Huskies, High Prairie Regals and Manning Comets.
WEST DIVISION: Dawson Creek Canucks, Fort St John Flyers and Grande Prairie Athletics. (Spirit River Rangers, Valleyview Jets, Lakeland Eagles-McLennan and Hythe Mustangs, are not playing this year) NPHL Hockey Schedule-Stats--Scores
Team Players and Coaches going to the bench, at start of game
PLAY > 1:45 min
Team Players and Coaches introduce themselves.
PLAY > 3:36 min
Team Players and Coaches introduce themselves.
PLAY > 3:18 min
The FALHER PIRATES 2012-2013
Team coming on ice, hockey action.
PLAY > 1:36 min

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The Falher Honey Bee is the largest man made honey bee in the world. It cost about $25,000 to make with an overall length of 22' 8" and a diameter of 7' 7". It was built in 1990. Located just off Main Street downtown. A salute to the Honey Bee Industry.

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The 51 year old Falher Memorial Arena that was used for skating, hockey and broom ball was demolished in May 2005. 32 Central Avenue NW. (780) 837-2675.
Demolition of arena picture.

The new Falher Regional Recreational Complex opened November 15, 2006.

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Weekly newspaper established in 1966. Distributes 2,100 copies each Wednesday. 217 Main St. S.W. Falher. (780) 837-2585.
Falher Smoky River Express - website.

Radio stations in Falher include CKRP 95.7 Radio FM. 308 Main Street. SE. (780) 837-2346. Also CREF Radio. (780) 837-3400.

The Falher Medical Clinic provides the medical services necessary. There is no hospital in Falher so residents have to travel to McLennan as well as for RCMP services. Falher has a modern shopping centre located in the centre of town.

FALHER PIRATES - 2011-2012
Team Players, Coaches introduce themselves on camera. PLAY VIDEO> 4:15 min
2 VIDEOS capturing the FINAL GAME of the NPHL playoffs - 2011-2012 season.
Falher Pirates scores in sudden death
PLAY VIDEO> 5:46 min
Players and coaches celebrate the moment.
PLAY VIDEO> 4:48 min
Featuring the Goals of Final Game (also in slow motion)
Goal 1- Falher VIew VIDEO: (:57sec),
Goal 2- GP VIew VIDEO: (:57sec)
Goal 3- Falher VIew VIDEO: (:57sec),
Goal 4- GP VIew VIDEO: (:58sec)
Goal 5- Falher (winning goal) VIew VIDEO: (:58 sec)

Also see the Disallowed Goal by Grande Prairie
in the 2nd period. VIew VIDEO: (:59sec)

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