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Special Event
Wolverine: Ghost of the Northern Forest

Sunday April 13, 2019, 1pm and 3pm

Cost: $12

Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum, Aykroyd Family Theater

Wolverine: Ghost of the Northern Forest (52 min.) recounts the fascinating story of Canadian wildlife filmmaker Andrew Manske’s relentless, five-year quest to find and film one of the most legendary and elusive creatures on the planet. It might weigh less than 20 kilograms, but this intrepid member of the weasel family has been known to back down marauding grizzly bears and wolves in defense of its young or its food. Living in remote areas of the Rocky Mountains and living in the Boreal forest, it is rarely ever seen. After two decades of filming most of the other major predators of the north, award- winning cinematographer Andrew Manske takes up the ultimate challenge of his career when he set out to make a film about this animal. For more information visit dinomuseum.ca

Location: At the Philip J Currie Dinosaur Museum, Wembley.

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