Elmworth, Alberta

Located approximately 50 km west-southwest of Grande Prairie, Alberta is the Hamlet of Elmworth. Travel south of Beaverlodge on Highway 722 and then west on Highway 667. At the peak there were 30-35 living in Elmworth but over the years the population steadily declined. There are now about 9 people living within the hamlet. (2007) Elmworth is one of the many communities located in the County of Grande Prairie.

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Welcome to the Hamlet of Elmworth, Alberta. Located in the County of Grande Prairie. The Elmworth Gas Plant , is located only a few km from the Hamlet of Elmworth. (west and then south). Burlington Resources Gas Plant became Canadian Hunter and then Conoco Phillips and now Cenovus Energy. This Gas Plant began operation in November 1979 and employs approximately 25 people directly and numerous indirectly. The Elmworth Gas Plant is a sweet gas processing facility. Northstone Power Corp has operated the Elmworth Power Generating Station located next to the Elmworth Gas Plant.

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The Rio Grande Rodeo is an annual event that draws crowds near and far. The Grounds are located only a short distance from Elmworth. (5 km west and then 2.5 km north on range road 121.) The Rodeo is held each year in July during the Canada Day Weekend. As part of the event is the professional chuckwagon races, pony chucks and chariot races, slow pitch tournament, beer gardens and outdoor dance. It easily attracts 1500 to 2000 spectators each year. In 2016 the Rio Grande Rodeo was 100 years old.

It was a tradition for many years that farmers in the area gathered along the banks of the Red Willow to celebrate Farmers Day. Everyone enjoyed a picnic, the booths, horseshoe competitions, ball games and many races for the kids. As the farming population decreased, this annual event finally ended in the 1980's. The park was eventually taken over by the County of Grande Prairie.

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Many small communities started up throughout the Peace Country, as the settlers homesteaded to make their living. Elmworth was no different, as it was a central area where one would get supplies and the mail. The first post office opened in 1920 with Franklin T. Brewer the first postmaster. It was situated on his own homestead about a quarter mile from Elmworth and included a country store.

In 1927 the Brewers built a new home and store that also included the post office across from the Elmworth school. The Elmworth Community Church and Cememtery was added in 1948. The closest railway was Beaverlodge.

The name of the community "Elmworth", got its name from a settlement in Massachusetts, United States of America. At one time a teacherage was located on the area where the present school is located. At that time there were 3 other houses located at that location that housed the teacher, the principal plus the janitor who also was the bus driver.

Elmworth Community Library is located in the Elmworth School and was created in 1999. Elmworth Library

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