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Grande Prairie Schools



The Grande Prairie School District provides education to about 4,600 students and is staffed by approximately 450 teachers.

The Separate School Division includes schools in Grande Prairie, Beaverlodge, Sexsmith, Spirit River and Fairview. Approximately 3,800 students attend these schools with approximately 310 teachers.

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Crystal Park School, located in Grande Prairie, which opened in 1984, has become internationally recognized for its integrated programs, involving handicapped students and their regular course classmates. 11,165 square metre facility cost $14.5 million to build. Holds approximately 600 students and employs a staff
ff of about 113.

Private Schools Grande Prairie Christian School. Kindergarten to grade 9. 8202 - 110 Street (780) 539-4566.

Hillcrest Christian School. Kindergarten to grade 12. 10306 - 102 Street (780) 539-9161.

Other Information Peace Wapiti Academy had its Official Grand Opening ceremony of the newly renovated grades 9-11 County High School on January 9, 2003. (Former St. Joseph Catholic high school, located next to the Composite High School)

Transportation Cardinal Coach Lines provides buses for the Public School District. (780) 532-3545. Bus passes are issued at the school offices.


NEW NORTH CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL: The Grande Prairie and District Catholic school to be eventually built on the northern part of the city near Bear Creek Golf Course along 132 Avenue. It would hold up to 1,100 students, Jr to Senior High.

NEW K- 8 PUBLIC SCHOOL: The Peace Wapiti Public School Division (County of Grande Prairie) plans on building in the Whispering Ridge subdivision. (this subdivision is north of Royal Oaks on the north side of the city.) The school would have a capacity for 450 students, opening date September 2017.

PLANNING STAGE: The Grande Prairie and District Catholic School Board is hoping to build a new French Immersion 950 student school in the O'Brien Lake area. It would replace the St Gerard Catholic School. Students from St Patrick Catholic School would then be moved to the St Gerald school and the school would be re-named.

Events of the Peace Country


(enlarge above picture) Post Secondary Education with more than 7000 students attending each year. Located at 10726 -106 Avenue Grande Prairie, Alberta

The GRANDE PRAIRIE REGIONAL COLLEGE was designed by widely known architect Douglas Cardinal and constructed in 1974. The Grande Prairie Regional College Theatre seats 482 people, offers approximately 200 performances each year. Jim Henderson was introduced as the new President of GPRC April 2002. He resigned in September of 2006. In April 2007, Don Gnatiuk was appointed the new president of the Grande Prairie Regional College. He comes directly from the Vermilion Lakeland College.
There are approximately 150 student-athletes participating each year in the Wolves program. The Wolves participate in Basketball, Badminton, Cross Country Running, Curling, Soccer, Swimming and Volleyball. Competitions take place in Alberta for ACAC events and they complete nationally as part of the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association. Some exhibition events take place in the United States.
The Grande Prairie Regional College Residence rents out rooms in the summer, both full-time and short term conference type stays. Contact (780) 539-2802. College:

Catholic Schools
The Catholic School District has been in the region for more than 60 years committed to a student-focused education, living and sharing the faith and values in a Christ-centered environment.

Ecole St. Gerard Catholic School French Immersion - Kindergarten to Grade 9, 9724 - 88 Avenue (780) 532-5398. website

Holy Cross Catholic School - Kindergarten to Grade 8, 11011 - 90 Street (780) 538-0077. website

St Kateri Catholic School (formerly Kateri Mission Catholic School)- Kindergarten to Grade 8, 7906 Mission Heights Drive (780) 539-2883. website

Mother Teressa Catholic School - Kindergarten to Grade 8, Montessori Pre School, Kindergarten and Grade 1, 7501 Willow Drive (780) 814-973. website

St. Clement Catholic School - Kindergarten to Grade 8, 9636 - 109 Avenue (780) 532-4698. website
St. Patrick Catholic School - Kindergarten to Grade 8, St FX Sports Academy Grade 4-8, 7810 - Poplar Drive (780) 539-7434. website

St. Joseph Catholic High School - French Immersion Grades 10-12 , English Program Grades 9-12. 10520 - 68 Avenue (780) 532-7779. website

St John Bosco Catholic School, Outreach Grade 9-12, 9902-101 Street, (780) 532-3013. website

St Catherine Catholic School (Opened Feb 2017). Pre-K to 8 English, 12815-104A Street (780) 532-0010. website

Public Schools

(enlarge picture above) Derek Taylor Public School opened September 2007 in the Mission Heights area. Kindergarten to grade 8. 7321-104 A Street (780) 357-9174. Derek Taylor Public School website

Alexander Forbes School- Kindergarten to grade 8, 7240 - Poplar Drive (780) 532-1365.
Alexander Forbes School website

Aspen Grove School - Kindergarten to grade 5, 9720 - 63 Avenue (780) 538-3009.
Aspen Grove School website

Avondale Elementary School - Kindergarten to grade 6, 10226 - 108 Avenue (780) 532-3230.
Avondale Elementary School website

Charles Spencer High School - (new school opened in 2014) #20, Knowledge Way, Grande Prairie. 780-513-3200. Charles Spencer High School website.

Crystal Park School - Kindergarten to grade 8, 9351 - 116 Avenue (780) 539-0333.
Crystal Park School website

Ecole Parkside Elementary School - Kindergarten to grade 6, 9617 - 91A street (780) 532-7429.
Ecole Parkside Elementary School website

Ecole Nouvelle Frontiere (French School) - Kindergarten to grade 10, 11201 Pinnacle Boulevard (780) 814-7945. Ecole Nouvelle Frontiere

Harry Balfour School - Operated by the County of Grande Prairie. Kindergarten to grade 8. 10815 - 105 Street (780) 532-9276.
Harry Balfour School website

Hillside Community School - Kindergarten to grade 6, 9410 - 106 Avenue (780) 532-0743.
Hillside Community School website

Isabell Campbell Public School - Kindergarten to grade 8, 7149-114 Street 780-532-7247
Isabell Campbell School website

NOW OPEN Riverstone Public School - Kindergarten to grade 8, 8901 Willow Drive, 780-532-1321
Riverstone School website

IV Macklin Public School - Kindergarten to grade 8. 8876-108 Avenue (780) 513-3391.
IV Macklin Public School website

Swanavon Elementary School - 8908 - 100 Street (780) 532-8885.
Swanavon Elementary School website

Peace Wapiti Academy - 11410 - 104 Street (780) 513-9504.
Peace Wapiti Academy website

Composite High School - Grade 10 to 12, 11202 - 104 Street (780) 532-7721.
Composite High School website

Ecole Montrose School (Montrose Junior High School) - Currently a grade 5-8 Dual Track School, English and French. 6431- 98 Street (780) 532-8861.
Montrose Junior High School website

Maude Clifford School - Kindergarten to Grade 6. 9206 Lakeland Drive (780) 357-3500
Maude Clifford School website

Harry Balfour School, operated by the Peace Wapiti School Division No 76. 600 students K-Grade 8 serving the County of Grande Prairie. 10815 - 104 Street, (780) 532-9276
School website

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I.V. Macklin School officially opened on January 29,2001 on the east side of Grande Prairie in the Crystal Heights area. (108 Avenue and 88C Street) The kindergarten-to-grade 9 facility is located on the land owned by local pioneer I.V.Macklin, Grande Prairie's first teacher. He came to the area in 1910 and homesteaded the land now occupied by subdivisions Ivy Lake, Crystal Estates, Mountview and Hillside.

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Holy Cross School is located right next to I.V.Macklin school in Crystal Heights area.

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Ecole Montrose School is located on the south side of Grande Prairie, in the Country Club subdivision area.

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Aspen Grove School is located next to Montrose Junior High on the south side of Grande Prairie.

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St. Joseph Catholic High School has moved to a new building south of Mission Park, on the southwest part of Grande Prairie. Recently a new road was made to access the school from Highway 40.

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The Bridge Network, an alternative educational facility for students Grade 10-12. 9625-Prairie Road. (780) 539-0950.


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