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Welcome to the Village of Eaglesham, Alberta located in the Municipal District of Birch Hills No. 19. Birch Hills includes Eaglesham, Peoria, Tangent, Wanham and Watino with a total population of 1,815 (2015). Covers an area of 2,895 sq km.

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Eaglesham Hotel was built in the mid 1950's had 7 rooms and restaurant. 4925-50 Street. The hotel has since been demolished.

Eaglesham Motor Inn. Restaurant and lounge. 4630-50 Street. (780) 359-2171.


Eaglesham & District Ag. Society Campground located in Eaglesham. (780) 359-3895. Lakeside Golf & Campground, located 1.6 km east, 1 km north of the Eaglesham turn-off. (780) 359-2520. Kieyko Park. 16 km north of Eaglesham on Highway 739. Located on the south bank of the river. 4 sites, firepits, boat landing, fishing, hiking trails. (780) 359-3846. Day Use only is Tom Lessard Park, located in Eaglesham. (780) 359-3895.

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Lakeside Golf & Country Club. Opened in 1970. 9 holes, practice green, clubhouse, dining facilities, pro shop, pull and power cart rentals, banquet facilities. Located 1.6km east, 1 km north of the Eaglesham turn-off. (780) 359-2520.

Located next to the golf course is the RV Campground with power and firepits.
The Eaglesham Clubhouse was the original train station located in Rycroft, a small community to the west. It was sold by the NAR for $100 to the highest bidder.
Golf Eaglesham website

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Smoky River Bridge at Watino (east of Eaglesham) along Highway 49, now demolished.


Located 127 km northeast of Grande Prairie, Alberta, just off Highway 49 is the Village of Eaglesham with a population of 119 (2011 stats). Approximately 62 km east of Rycroft.

Eaglesham is located 7 km north of Highway 49 along Highway 739. This street photo was taken in 2005 when the Eaglesham Hotel was still standing. (Blue trimmed building on right) The hotel has since been demolished.
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Birdhouse, Flower Garden, Cairn, Old Granaries, Cemetery, Seed Cleaning Plant, Golf Sign.

A railway station was established in 1916 in Eaglesham when the railway came to this community. The name "Eaglesham", came from the village in Renfrewshire, Scotland. The first post office opened in 1929 and Joe McDaid was the first postmaster. In the early years, there was no school in Eaglesham and youngsters were taught at the Catholic Church. A log school was built in 1937 on donated land a 1/2 mile west of the village. In 1952 a school was built on the present site of the Eaglesham School. Due to a shortage of space, the old log school was moved into the village, as well the Legion Hut and the United Church were also used for classroom space.

Featuring the Main Street Eaglesham
The Dual Cam shows both sides of the street as one travels south along Mainstreet of Eaglesham to the Cemetery. (For best results increase video to fill screen)

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NOW POSTED Events of the Peace Country
Events of Eaglesham:
One of the big events for Eaglesham and area is the Eaglesham & District Fair. It includes Parade - Mud Bogs - Gymkhana - Horse Show - Baseball - Exhibit Hall - Calf Scramble - Kids Games - Barbecue Supper and Dance. The Eaglesham and District Agricultural Society website: Eaglesham Ag Society.

Eaglesham is a small community with a mixture of new homes, older homes as well as manufactured homes. In 2006 there were approximately 112 people living in Eaglesham, and in 2011 there were 119 people living in 55 dwellings.

St Francis Xavier Catholic Church - Eaglesham The Eaglesham Community Church - Eaglesham

The Eaglesham School provides education for about 120 students from kindergarten to grade 12 (enlarge picture of school).
(780) 359-3792. School website

Codesa Colony School. (780) 359-2888.
Looking back in history, the enrollment of students peaked in 1967, when there were 390 students enrolled in the Eaglesham school. It has declined over the years.

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Eaglesham Senior Social Centre Club. Regular bingos are held here. The Royal Canadian Legion share the building. (780) 359-3782.

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Eaglesham Centennial Hall, where many social functions are held though-out the year including weddings, conventions, and plays.

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West Smoky Arena. Lots of hockey and public skating. (780) 359-3999.

Eaglesham Public Library. (780) 359-3792.

Eaglesham Community Church. (780) 359-2882.
Church website.

The Catholic Church in Eaglesham is St. Francis Xavier.

The Convenient Store, Cafe, Sears Depot is located on main street Eaglesham.

Family History - Eaglesham:
Frank Greenfield - pioneer, homesteader.

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