Dunvegan Provincial Park, Alberta

Located on the banks of the Mighty Peace River just off Highway 2, 90 km north of Grande Prairie, Alberta or 26 km south of Fairview, it will be a very memorable place to visit either just for the day, or stay overnight.

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The Peace River flows from the mountains of British Columbia through this valley all the way to the Arctic Ocean. The Peace River got its name because it was along these banks the peace was finally settled between the Cree and Beaver Indians. Dinosaur footprints were discovered on the south bank of the valley. A cast was made of the 4 toed prehistoric creature and can be seen at the Interpretive Centre and Tourist Centre at Dunvegan Provincial Park, Alberta.

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The site of one of Alberta's earliest fur trade posts and missionary centres dating back to 1805. The Beaver Indians were some of the earliest inhabitants of the area with the first European explorers passing through in the 1700's. In 1805, Archibald Norman McLeod established a trading post naming it Fort Dunvegan, after his family's ancestral castle in Scotland. Dunvegan became a Hudson Bay Company post and operated until 1918. The Factor's House and the St. Charles Rectory and Church (1867) are the only two buildings remaining from that time.

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When the Dunvegan Ferry was no longer required because of the new Dunvegan Bridge, that ferry was moved to Tompkins Landing near La Crete and was in operation from 1961 to 1987 when it was replaced with the current Tompkins Ferry. The old ferry was restored and is now actually displayed at the La Crete Mennonite Heritage Village 3km southwest of La Crete.

Special Events: There are many events that take place at Dunvegan Provincial Park during the summer months including tours of the 4 original restored buildings. It has been a tradition that many families gather here to celebrate Canada Day that usually includes music and dancing. MORE PHOTOS: RCMP at the 50th Anniversary of Bridge: VIEW PHOTO

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Many have attempted to climb this steep hill at Dunvegan Provincial Park. It was said that if you could reach the ledge where the Spruce Trees grew (about three quarters up the hill), you were successful. Looking up at the banks, makes you feel you are surrounded by mountains. It is home to a wide variety of prairie wild flowers, birds and butterflies.


Market Gardens located to the east of Dunvegan Provincial Park: VIEW PHOTO
Next to the Market Gardens is the Dunvegan General Store: VIEW PHOTO

Historic Dunvegan Visitors Centre located near the entrance of the park has brochures and other information as well this is where you can take a Guided Tour of the Historic Buildings. The buildings are locked and a tour is the only way you can see the inside of each with the many artifacts. A small fee is required for the tour.

Located near the Maples is the Historic Dunvegan Cemetery. It was established in 2008 as a place where three historic burials that were threatened by natural erosion could be relocated. More Info - List of names in cemetery

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