There are a number of churches in Dawson Creek BC .

Alliance Church
9009-10 Street
Bethel Pentecostal Church
11501-17th Street
Dawson Creek Community Church
1224-103 Avenue
FIrst Baptis Church
1400-113 Avenue
Grace Lutheran Church
11101-17 Street
Grandview Chapel
900-94 Avenue
Notre Dam Catholic Church
908-104 Avenue
Salvation Army Church
1436-104 Avenue
South Peace United Church
1300-104 Avenue
St James Presbyterian Church
1501-108 Avenue
St Marks Angiclan Church
1501-108 Avenue
St Pauls Lutheran Church
901 Cornwall Crecent
Apostolic Lighthouse
709-96 A Avenue
Church of Latter Day Saints
10901-13 Sreet
Church of New Jerusalem
9013-8 Street
Gideons International Canada
1517-107 Avenue
Jehovahs Witnesses
644-105A Avenue
Northgate Anabaptist Fellowship
1800-109 Avenue
Seven Day Adventist Church
9201-14 Street
New Beginnings Batptist Church
10221-18 Street