Daily Herald Tribune - Grande Prairie HISTORY
History of the Grande Prairie Daily Herald Tribune Newspaper plus other publications in Grande Prairie and area from Ken's Newspaper Scrapbook. (The Daily Herald Tribune offices located at 10604-100 Street Grande Prairie)

HISTORY Grande Prairie DHT
Research and feature page by Ken Connors of DiscoverThePeaceCountry.com who worked at the newspaper for 26 years.

History was yet to be made when Jim Bowes and his brothers Bill, Howie and Dave all had the same ambition, of owning their own weekly newspaper. They were the sons of a school principal from Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.

Jim and Bill Bowes got into the newspaper business in eastern Canada in 1948 when they bought their first weekly newspaper in Ontario. In 1950 the two brothers formed Bowes Publishers Limited and bought the Herald Tribune newspaper in Grande Prairie, Alberta, a newspaper that originally began as a weekly newspaper in 1913.

As the Herald Tribune became a semi-weekly, the Jim and Bill Bowes then purchased the weekly paper in Peace River, Alberta plus the Star in Dawson Creek BC in 1954. Photo of the Class of 1959 Staff members (Bill Bowes, Howard Bowes, Orm Schultz etc): View Photo

In 1964 the company began printing the Herald Tribune daily Monday through Friday and changed their name to the Daily Herald Tribune.

Some of the employees of that time were Orm Shultz who became sales manager of the Herald Tribune (later owner of Warrington's Jewellers). Ken Kirkpatrick became book-keeper for the Herald Tribune in 1956. Larry Balderston started working at the Herald Tribune in 1959 and later became the press operator. Joyce Loblaw began working in accounts payable in the early 1960's. In 1966 Bill Dempsey arrived in Grande Prairie who later became Advertising Manager in 1970 then left in 1973 to become publisher of the Kenora Miner and News in Ontario. He would return in the later 1970's as Publisher of the Herald Tribune. Don Sinclair sold advertising for the Herald Tribune in 1969-1970, later was publisher of the newspaper in Fort McMurray. Most of the early employees mentioned later were appointed positions at head office in Ontario/Alberta.

In the later 1960's the Bowes Publishing company decided to expand by purchasing many newspapers in eastern Canada including the Wallaceburg News in 1967 and Daily Miner and News in Kenora Ontario in 1973.

In 1979 acquisitions in the west included the Parklander in Hinton. In the 1980's acquisitions included: 1982- The Record in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. 1982- Sherwood Park News, Sherwood Park, Alberta. 1983- The Western News Advertiser, Pentincton, BC. 1984-The News, Wallaceburg, Ontario. 1985- The Canadian, Camrose, Alberta. 1985- The Times, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. 1985- Webco West, Pentincton BC. 1986- The News-Advertiser, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. 1987- The Shopper, Leamington, Ontario. 1988- The Daily Graphic, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, 1988- The Herald, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. From 1988 to 1998 Bowes Publishers grew from 22 publications to 121.

Jim Bowes retired in 1988 but remained as Director of the company until 1990. The Toronto Sun became major shareholder with 60% ownership in 1988 then 98% in 1990. Jim Bowes donated $500,000 towards building the Bowes Family Crystal Gardens in Grande Prairie, which opened in time for the Canada Winter Games. Jim Bowes passed away in March of 1997 of lung cancer. (1923-1997)

In 2001 Sun Media Corporation consolidated its Bowes Publishing division (190 weeks and community dailies) with those of its metropolitan dailies. Sun Media Corporation is a division of Quebecor Media Inc.

As years passed by so did the introduction to additional products that complimented the Daily Newspaper. Rural Route was a weekly product that made its way to many households outside the City of Grande Prairie. In the 1980's that name had changed to Countryside and its circulation increased to over 11,000 households. A few years later, the name of the weekly changed again, to the Peace Country Extra. The most recent name is the Peace Country Sun.

Some of the products no longer around
today... TV Times. This product contained the television guide and was published Friday. For a time, Tele-View became a competitor for the TV Times. The Weekender published by the Daily Herald Tribune was a Saturday tabloid that featured more people stories than news but had a short life until it stopped publication.

More recently, the Encore (enlarge picture) featured weekly entertainment and television listings and came out every Thursday in the Daily Herald Tribune. Grande Prairie INK was another tabloid published by the Daily Herald Tribune that came out Mondays and included more Arts and Entertainment stories. Both publications stopped printing around 2010 because it lacked advertising support. Also the HOMES (enlarge picture) was a popular weekend edition that eventually stopped publication.

DAILY HERALD TRIBUNE 1980's to 2000's
Just some of the Long and Short Term Employees that worked at the DHT. The majority of photos were taken by Ken Connors and the approximate year when each was taken is posted.

DHT on Fire 1981
On Monday November 16, 1981 a fire broke out in the early hours that caused $600,000 worth of damage. The fire started in the basement near the front of the building which had included the accounting department. The heat melted telephones, cameras and other office equipment in other parts of the building The Daily Herald Tribune had Tuesday's November 17th paper printed at Grande Prairie This Week, the weekly newspaper. The Daily Herald Tribune was only 4 pages that day. It was later determined that there had been a break-in and the fire was deliberately started.

August 1, 2016: News editor Fred Rinne passed away at the age of 51 after a brief battle with liver and kidney faiilure. He also had worked at the Kenora Daily Minor and the Peace River Record-Gazette before coming to Grande Prairie.

Oct 2017: Long time Grande Prairie newspaperman, Bill Scott (left) passed away at the age of 78 years. He wrote articles for the Daily Herald Tribune for over 50 years. (enlarge photo)

Oct 2017: Another long time newspaper man has also passed away in August, 2017. Terry McHale also worked in the editorial department at the Daily Herald Tribune. (enlarge photo)

April 9, 2018: Al Parsons passed away at the age of 70 years after a courageous battle with cancer. He was Sales manager at the Daily Herald Tribune until 1988 and later founded Parson Printing where he worked until his death. (enlarge photo)

February 2018: June Holler left us at the age of 92 years old. She worked in the accounting department of the DHT for 14 years before retiring to Vernon BC.

May 19, 2019: James Grasswick passed away in West Kelowna, BC. He worked in the newsaper business for 4 decades, mainly with Bowes Publishers.

July 8, 2019: Jane McRae passed away after a brief illness. She started at the DHT in 1978 and worked in the advertising department until she finally retired in 2017.

Aug 2020: Jeff McCoshen left us on Aug 9, 2020 at the age of 57. Jeff started at the DHT in 1989 as Sports Editor, then moved to City Desk in 1999. He became News Editor in 2004 and shortly after the Managing editor. He left the radio after 20 years at the Daily Herald Tribune.

Jan, 2021: Wayne Jobb passed away on January 4, 2021 in Edson at the age of 74 years. He spent 37 years in the newspaper business that included the Grande Prairie Daily Herald Tribune as publisher in the 1990’s. He also worked in a number of Bowes Publishing/ Sun Media newspapers that included Kenora Ontario, Hinton, Sherwood Park and Edmonton. He later became Executive Vice-President and retired in 2007.

August 6, 2022: William "Bill" Glen Currie passed away at the age of 80 years after a short battle with cancer. He spent 40 years as Head Pressman/Productin Manager at the Daily Herald Tribune in Grande Prairie.

February 6, 2024: Peter James Woolsey passed away at the age of 67 years. Peter joined the Daily Herald Tribune in 1988 as Sales Manager and then Publisher. After Grande Prairie he had lived in Kelowna BC and more recently in Calgary Alberta.

February 16, 2024: Sylvia Jean Hovdebo passed away at the age of 73 years. Sylvia worked in Distrubutiion at the DHT for many years.

DAILY HERALD TRIBUNE BUILDING SOLD: February, 2024 UPDATE: Since the paper wasn't being printed anymore, the DHT Building was put up for sale as the remaining staff worked from home. The building was purchased by Modern Decore Carpet One and moved into the building at the end of February 2024.
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More Grande Prairie Newspaper History
From Ken's Newspaper Scrapbook:

Over the many years, a large number of people had been part of the Daily Herald Tribune in Grande Prairie that became part of the changes and growth of the newspaper. Some of the employees of the Daily Herald Tribune continued their career in management in other Bowes Newspapers.

Some of the long term people now retired from
the newspaper business:

Ted Weiss spent many years in Grande Prairie also in the advertising department in the early 1980's, and later became publisher of the Daily Miner and News in Kenora, Ontario.

John Prodan spent time in sales in Grande Prairie (1984), then went on to Peace River and was publisher in Sherwood Park, Sherwood Park News, as well as the Hinton Parklander.

Tom Tenszen started his newspaper career in Grande Prairie as a salesman selling newspaper ads and went on to become Publisher of the Peace River Record Gazette (1988), and then to Daily Graphic in Portage la Prairie in Manitoba, and later as a group publisher.

Juanita Gibney, also in sales in Grande Prairie, moved on in 1995 to become publisher of the Summerland Review in Summerland, British Columbia, and the Western News Advertiser in Pentincton, British Columbia

Wayne Jobb and Bill Dempsey both publishers of the Daily Herald Tribune ended up in head office in Ontario/Alberta and later retired.

HISTORY - DHT Staff 1982
In 1982 there were a total of 67 staff members. This was before computers were used and composing had to cut and paste pieces of copy and photos on a sheet that would then be made into a negative in the dark room, and then made into a plate for the presses.
List of DHT Employees 1982

List of DHT Employees 2006
HISTORY - Staff 1986
To everyones surprise Ken Connors (DHT Sales) secretly spent 4 months creating a Yearbook featuring the DHT Staff of 1986. It was then secretly printed in Fort McMurray just in time to be handed out at the DHT staff Christmas Party of 1986.

View 1986 DHT Yearbook

DHT Staff Members - Mid 1990's (enlarge photos)
DHT Long Term Employees VIEW> - DHT Composing Staff VIEW> - DHT Press Room Staff
DHT Staff Members - Mid 1990's (enlarge photos)

DHT Accounting Department staff VIEW> - DHT Advertising Staff VIEW>
View VIDEO> (7:45min)
Daily Herald Tribune Staff in the 1990's in costume. Ken Connors now with DiscoverThePeaceCountry worked at the newspaper for many years and had captured many staff members on video in the early 1990's. It wasn't until recently that he found the footage in a box in the basement. It had to be converted from VHS to digital, edited and is now displayed to help bring back some of the memories.

Archived VIDEO - The Presses
The Presses printing the Daily Herald Tribune back when all the presses were in Grande Prairie.

Digital Cameras
First Digital Camera at the DHT - 1994
Story and photo Click Here
Includes info and photo on the internal publication called the "Communicator" 1994 which the camera was also used for.

DHT Pre-Press -1995
Pre-Press Photos/Info
Functions of the Pre-Press. Negative Processor, Light Table, Plate Burner, Plate Processor and putting the plate on the Presses. This process stopped in 2014 when the newspaper was then printed in Edmonton.

HISTORY- New Website 2000
Take a look at an early design of the DHT website, July, 2000. The website was designed and maintained by Daily Herald Staff.

enlarge picture

At the Agri Show 2005

Sharlyn Carter and Ken Connors promoting the DHT and the Peace Country Sun Newspapers at Evergreen Park. enlarge photo

TOP 20 Advertisers 2006
Daily Herald Tribune had many regular advertisers in 2006 like Grande Prairie Chrysler Group, IGA/ Sobeys, City of Grande Prairie, Ken Sargent/ Sean Sargent, Windsor Ford, Safeway, Remax, City Furniture, GPRC, County of Grande Prairie, Visions, Daytona Homes, Midwest Furniture, Hyundai, Nor-Lan Chrysler, Century 21, Royal LePage, Venture Communications (Toyota), Aquatera, and GP Agri. In total the top 20 advertisers spent close to 2 million dollars with the Daily Herald Tribune per year.

HISTORY - Staff 2009
In 2009 there were a total of 79 employed at the Daily Herald Tribune, These were the days when they had their Composing Department and Press which has since been eliminated.
List of DHT Employees 2009.

Daily Herald Tribune changes shape 2011
On July 4, 2011 the Daily Herald Tribune newspaper reduces it size of its paper. What has been a standard look for years, the Broadsheet page (approximately 23 inches tall) changes to a Tabloid format (approximately 12 inches tall). What fit in a 20 page paper will now take up to 40 pages, giving it the appearance of a thicker paper.

The presses also started rolling a lot earlier than in previous years, to meet the earlier release times of delivering the paper by 6:30 in the morning.

100 years - DHT 2013
Daily Herald Tribune Celebrated 100 years. A special night took place in March 2013 to commemorate the occasion.

Peter Meyerhoffer - DHT Publisher thanks current and past staff as well as the many clients at the 100th Celebration.

Archived Photo:
Bill Scott and Don Moon,

Archived Photo:
Brian Wilson and Al Parsons

2014: The Daily Herald Tribune cut more staff as they laid off all Pressmen and the Distribution Staff responsible for inserting flyers. At one time the DHT has staff of about 70, but with these layoffs, the staff has been reduced to around 20. The newspaper was now being printed in Edmonton, and sold the presses in Grande Prairie.
The Daily Herald Tribune stops door to door deliver and starts delivery using Canada Post December 11, 2017. Lack of advertising revenue has forced the newspaper to make drastic changes. Also in 2018 the DHT stopped publishing on Mondays
As of May 1st, 2021, the Daily Herald Tribune has moved to an online edition only with the final newspaper being printed on April 30th, 2021. The newspaper was printed in Grande Prairie for over 60 years until 2014 when the presses stopped rolling in Grande Prairie and all the Pressmen and Distribution Staff were all laid off. The newspaper was then printed in Edmonton.
Peace Country SUN, Fairview Post, Peace River Record Gazette 2023
As of the week of February 27, 2023, the Peace Country Sun, a weekly newspaper based out of Grande Prairie with just a rural circulation, will stop its print version moving it to an online edition only. Also the newspapers in Fairview and Peace River stopped printing in February of 2023 and now only post limited news stories on their websites.
EMPLOYEES In Grande Prairie, Fairview, Peace River 2024
May 2024 it was confirmed that there were now only 2 employees working from home in the Peace Country that work remotely updating the Grande Prairie DHT website, Fairview Post and Peace River Record Gazette websites. They also distribute a newsletter publication on Friday mornings.


Grande Prairie This Week
(publication from 1988)

Enlarge Photo:Page 1: VIew>
Enlarge photo: Page 2:
Enlarge photo:
Page 3: VIew>>

Grande Prairie This Week was a weekly paper in competition with the Daily Herald Tribune in the 1980's, and even before that under the name Grande Prairie Booster. The Publisher of Grande Prairie This Week, was Brian Wilson.
(publication from 1993)

Published the TV listings of Grande Prairie and was a competitor of the TV times, a Daily Herald Tribune Product.. Tele-View was locally owned and operated and was in business for a short time. enlarge picture

Grande Prairie Gazette
(publication from 1996)

The Grande Prairie Gazette was a locally owned weekly paper published in the mid 1990's. Publisher was R.J. McDonald. It only lasted a few years before stopping its publication.
enlarge picture
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