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Daily Herald Tribune- 1st Digital Camera 1994
Grande Prairie, Alberta

1994 - The Comminicator

The year was 1994 and the Daily Herald Tribune purchased its first Digital Camera. At that time, Ken Connors, advertising sales, also produced, along with many staff contributors, an internal publication called the "Communicator" that came out once a month. The publication had staff photos and information on new staff, and any changes that happened at the newspaper. The new Quicktake Camera was used for this as well as for the newspaper. (advertising and editorial)

The Apple QuickTake Camera was launched in 2004 and was the first digital camera on the market. It was compatable with the Apple Macintosh. The price for the camera was $749 US. Unfortunately it had no zoom and close-up macro photos were blurry. Because of the low resolution, it took decent photos outside, but indoors was a problem at times. When taking a photo of a person indoors, the flash created an oversized shadow behind the person. The digital camera was the first step of eliminating the taking of photos with film and developing it in the dark room, which took 1-2 hours.The new camera took only a few minutes to download and speeded up the process. - Ken Connors

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