Daily Herald Tribune STAFF 1982
Grande Prairie, Alberta

PUBLISHER: Jim Grasswick

RECEPTION: Matha Harms

Bill Scott, Kevin Bannister, Terry McHale, Vicki Walsh, Neil Whaley, Marg Smart, Brenda Brochu, Kathy McKee, Elaine Dogherty, Gary Hickling, Rick Erlendson, Jeff Harris.

SPORTS: Don Moon, Rich Charlton Mike Beaudin, Irene Moolyk.

ADVERTISING: Al Parsons, Jane McRae, Diana McCOnachie, Angela Shields, Roger MacNeill, Lorelei Calenda, Juanita Bohnke, Myrna Barber, Donna McConaghy.

ACCOUNTING: Pat Olson, Edith Tenborg, Betty Barr, June Holler, Pauline Schmidt, Mureil Lightfoot.

CLASSIFIED: Betty Williams, Janet Jones, Angel Visser

CIRCULATION: Val Hunt, Carol Sandul, Yvonne Perra.

COMPOSING: Gerhard Kossman, Pat Goodwin, Debbie Kopp, Mary Haggerty, Rita Hickey, Brenda Haggerty, Rosalyn Murray, Joanne Peters, Neda Melnichik, Shelly Brock, Linda Stefan, Joanne Boyd.

PRESS ROOM: Bill Currie, Ed Breitkreutz, Clara Grams, Grant Morrison Effie Schmitke, Arnie Sheepwash, Scott Smith.

DISTRIBUTION: Jeanette McCurdy, Ann Blonskie, Janice Bradely, Pat Dewhurst, Dorothy Gabler, John Guenther, Lucy Hyrb, Dorothy Lutz, Folomena Pucci, Mabel Stefaniuk.

In 1982 there were a total of 67 staff, at the Daily Herald Tribune.

This was the days before computers or faxes. One had to gather

information by phone or the TELEX machine.

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