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Welcome to Cotillion Park, located in Northern Alberta in the County of Saddle Hills.

2017 rates: Only 5 power sites $20. There are also 8 non power sites at $15 and 2 large group areas for camping. Firewood is free. Dumping station. Open from mid May to mid October. 780-353-2359. (rates subject to change without notice)

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The first area has 4 camping spots and are well treed. The area has a horse hitching rail and a larger group firepit. As you go further down the valley there is another camping area, along with shelter and playground.

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The Shelter has electricity, running water, bathrooms, an outdoor shower, wood stove, and phone.

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Located next to the Shelter is a modern playground.

Wildlife call this area home and include moose and deer, the black bear, beaver, bald eagles plus a variety of other species of birds.


Events of the Peace Country



Located between Dawson Creek and Spirit River along Highway 49 approximately 57 km west of Spirit River along the Peace River. Turn north on Range Road 115 (Pillsworth Road) Travel 20 km and turn west onto township road 812. Go 1.6 km and turn right on range road 120. Follow the road to campsite, 15 km on pavement.

According to local folklore, Cotillion Park was named after Cotillion Butte, the name given to a round hill located in the area. It was there that the sharpe-tail grouse did their mating dance. A cotillion is an elaborate dance of the 18th century, that usually has frequent changes of partners. It originated in France.

Alexander Mackenzie, early explorer from Scotland, travelled the Peace River at this area back in 1793 searching for the Pacific Ocean. He was accompanied by two native guides and a number of Canadian Voyageurs. The Coltillion Recreation Area is located at the mouth of Sneddon Creek. The creek was named after a World War 2 RCAF Gunner J.A. Sneddon who was born in Edmonton.

Many take their lawn chairs right down to the river and enjoy the surroundings

There are many hiking trails as well as horse trails to discover. The park includes a horse feeding area and horse tailer parking.


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You won't see too many signs at Cotillion Park. This one gives you directions to the Boat Launch Area, the Day Use and the Camping Area.

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Road down to the riverbed where some people drive down to the river.

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Big flat area at the riverbed where some people park.

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