As you drive down the hill the first area has 4 overnight camping Group Areas. Group A and B are on the south side of the road and D and C are on the north. There are washroom facilities, picnic tables, firepits and sheltered firewood in these areas. You can fit as many units as safely possible in each group area.

As you go further down the valley, the rest of the campground has a total of 13 individual sites on the right (south side of road) that end up at the shelter, gazebo and playground.
If you go even further, you will be able to take the narrow road down to the riverbed. Cotillion Park, Alberta.

CHECK-OUT TIME is NOON. Book your campsite:
Dogs must be on a leash at all times, and please pick up after your pet.

CAMPER INFORMATION for Cotillion Campsite:
- Water for the kitchen and bathroom facilities has to be hauled in so pleas use sparingly. -Fires are designated to fire pits only and never leave fires unattended.
- Please take your garbage with you or use camp garbage containers. Do not burn or leave garbage in the fire pits.
-Wood is free. Do not burn deadfall.
-Please help keep the campsite and facilities clean.
-Consumption of alcohol is restricted to registered campsites only.
-Please enjoy and respect Cotillion Campsite facilities, vegetation and wildlife.
-Quite hours are in effect between the hours of 11pm and 7am. ATV's, generators, loud music, etc is not allowed during this time.
-Facilities are cleaned once daily.
-Anyone not following the above will be asked to leave.

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