Clairmont, Alberta

Located just 5 km north of Grande Prairie, Alberta, is the Hamlet of Clairmont, situated next to the shallow Clairmont Lake. Clairmont has a population of 2,808 with 1,041 dwellings occupied compared to a population of 2,411 in 2016. A number of people live in Clairmont but commute to the City of Grande Prairie for work and shopping. Clairmont is one of the many communities located in the County of Grande Prairie. (Archived Photo above taken in 2005. A new gas station and convenient store was built in 2020 and is located just to the right of the gas station pictured in this photo.)

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The area south of Clairmont, along the Highway 2, continues to grow. Many still refer to 100 Street in Grande Prairie as Clairmont Road as it takes you to this small community.

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Walter McFarlane, Dominion Land Surveyor, surveyed this area in 1909 and named Clairmont Lake after his hometown of Claremont Ontario (spelled differently) Previous to that the area had been called Twin Lakes. The rich farmland drew the early pioneers and Clairmont became a hamlet in 1915 about the time when the railway came. The first elevator was built then followed by more elevators later. Some of the first buildings were a hotel and a livery barn.

The 1st post office opened in 1916, with Mrs. Trout being the 1st postmaster. Clairmont was incorporated as a village in 1917. The train station was built in 1923 and operated until 1960. With a considerable large fire in 1922, that destroyed many businesses, and the 1930 depression caused many businesses to close, changed Clairmont forever. It was reverted back to a hamlet in 1946. The first school was opened in 1915 in the Clairmont Baptist Church located where the United Church now stands.

The Clairmont Hotel stands close to the original location of the old McDonald Hotel that burned in the early 1970's.

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Clairmont is known for its manufactured and modular homes. This community has grown to almost double in only 10 years. (59% increase in population in 2006 over 2000) A multimillion-dollar project has been able to bring water and sewer facilities to the community of Clairmont in 2005. April 2007: Clairmont School finally gets the go ahead with the County approving a 29 acre site near Clairmont Lake at the current campground location. The County of Grande Prairie approved a site for a new Fire Hall located about one kilometre west of Astro Car Sales in Clairmont. A new SPORTSPLEX opened in 2012 located west of the County of Grande Prairie administrative building.

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