GRANDE PRAIRIE - ATTRACTIONS - northern Alberta and BC Muskoseepi Park, Kleskun Hills, Falher Honey Bee, etc.
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Grande Prairie, AB
This 45 foot Sundial is located on the Highway Bypass in Grande Prairie along 116 Avenue. Centre 2000, Grande Prairie's Tourist Information and Trade Centre, Chamber of Commerce and Heritage Discovery Centre are also located here.

Beaverlodge, AB
The Beaver is Beaverlodge's newest attraction which can be seen at the east entrance to the town along Highway 43. This sculpture is 15 feet tall, 20 feet long and weighs 3000 pounds, which makes it Canada's largest Beaver.
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Falher, AB
The Falher Honey Bee is the largest man made honey bee in the world built in 1990. It has an overall length of 22' and a diameter of 7'. Located right downtown, Falher.
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Hines Creek, AB
Hines Creek is the "End of Steel" remembered by the giant railway spike located at the entrance of the village. The spike was erected in 1990.
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Brownvale AB
Home to the mechanical bull built in 1986 that stands 15 feet high. The rider represents Brian Mulrooney, who was Prime Minister of Canada at the time.
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Manning, AB
Manning is known as the "Land of the Mighty Moose". A Statue of a moose stands along Highway 35, right downtown.
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Rainbow Lake AB
A Giant Mosquito stands next to the Golf Clubhouse in the centre of town. This creative landmark is a modified pump jack.
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Grande Prairie and Area


Grande Prairie, Alberta
What could be Grande Prairie's most popular year-round tourist attraction is Muskoseepi Park located in the central part of the City. Muskoseepi Park, means Bear Creek Park in Cree, and was completed in 1986. Features 15 kilometers of paved trails, for hiking & biking. Has a small trout pond.

LaCrete and Shaftsberry Ferry, Alberta
There are a couple of Ferrys that you can cross in the Peace Country. The Tompkins Ferry crosses the Peace River 69 km southwest of LaCrete. more info
The Shaftsberry Ferry is also operational in the summer months at the Pratts Landing Ferry near Tangent, Alberta, 27 km southwest of Peace River. more info

Dunvegan, Alberta
A ferry was used to cross the Peace River at Dunvegan until 1960 when the longest spanning bridge in Alberta was built. There are a number of historic buildings at Dunvegan. St Charles Mission Church from 1867, the Hudson's Bay Company Factor's House from 1879 and more. more info
Peace River, Alberta
Grouard Hill is located on the north bank of the Town of Peace River where a monument honors the gravesite of Henry "Twelve Foot" Davis. It also provides a breathtaking view that overlooks the confluence of the Peace River and Smoky River.
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Fort Vermilion, Alberta
The oldest settlement in the Province of Alberta is Fort Vermilion. This marker indicates "Where Alberta Began" posted along the banks of the Peace River. In Fort Vermilion there are many historic buildings including the Golf Clubhouse estimated to be over 150 years old. more info
Kleskun Hills, AB
Kleskun Hill Park is located 20 km east of Grande Prairie. The Hills rise 100 metres above the plains. Heritage Village is also located here displaying many historic buildings of the area dating back to the early 1900's. more info
W.A.C. Bennett Dam, BC
The W.A.C. Bennett Dam generates electricity and is one of the main attractions of area located 20 minutes west of Hudson's Hope, BC. Also the Peace Canyon Dam is another site to see located 6 km southwest of Hudson's Hope. more info
Kiskatinaw River Bridge, BC
Built during the 2nd world War, this wooden bridge is 534 foot long and has a 9 degree curve to conform with the highway. Located at Mile 20 of the Alaska Highway north of Dawson Creek BC.
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McLennan, Alberta
Kimiwan Boardwalk is located on the west side of McLennan Alberta and features 300 metres of paths and wooden walkways. It is visited by over 400 people a month to see the more than 200 species of birds.
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Water Tower Landmark Berwyn, Alberta more info
Historic Church of 1902 - Grouard Alberta more info

Dawson Creek, BC
Dawson Creek British Columbia is located at Mile "O" of the Alaska Highway. Here you will see the Stone Cairn Marker that marks the beginning of the Alaska Highway.
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Chetwynd, BC
In Chetwynd BC there are over 45 Wooden Sculptures that were carved with chainsaws. They are displayed throughout the community.
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Taylor BC
At Taylor BC you can see the largest Golf Ball located at the Lone Wolf Golf Club. The ball is 12.89 metres in diameter and weighs 37 tons. It was once an old fuel tank.
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Quality Falls, BC
Tumbler Ridge is known as the Waterfall Capital of the north as there are so many waterfalls in that area. Quality Falls is only 9km north of Tumbler Ridge.
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Kinuseo Falls, BC
Located in Monkman Provincial Park that is 60 metres tall. A viewing platform takes you close to the top of the falls.
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