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Peace Country

The Peace Country has a number of Farms and Acreages of all sizes. Being close to nature and enjoying the peace and quite of the great outdoors is one of the greatest assets of living in the Country.

Working with the soil, growing crops and gardens as well as raising livestock has been a tradition handed down from generation to generation. In the Peace Country, the Herford cattle has been the most common for many years, with smaller herds of bison and elk.

There are many acreages in the Peace Country, and many are only a few minutes from town. It gives opportunities to have gardens, pets, and horses.

VIDEO - March 2011
The 3 Day Peace Country Classic drew good crowds at Evergreen Park. Featuring 250 Displays and Exhibits. One of the main attractions was the Northern Classic Bull Sale. You can see the highlights of the Agri-Show on video. PLAY VIDEO> 4:30min

March 2015: Internet in Rural Areas has always been behind what has been available in the City. Many times the service has been less than 1 Mbps as a number of people share the same mini tower for service. The more people online in your area, the slower the service. Xplorenet is now promising speeds up to 25 Mbps with upgrades to their system. ( 2015: Telus Optic Internet up to 25Mbps cost $63 per month with Bundle. Maximum 250 GB per month. Xplorenet is now offering up to 25 Mbps at $89.99 with monthly maximum bandwidth of 200 GB)

Events of the Peace Country



Farms & Acreages
of the Peace Country
Farms & Acreages
of the Peace Country
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The 2019 Peace Country Classic Agri-Show
at Evergreen Park, March 7-9, 2019 - Booths, presentations on Grain Market, Road Farm Safety, Cattle Show and more.

The 2019 County of Grande Prairie Farm Family of the year are Lexi and Todd Balisky, and their children Emma, Luke, Heidi and Wyatt of Balisky Farms.Todd and Lexi currently ranch near the family's original Bear Lake homestead that was homesteaded back in 1912.

The Farm Family of the year for 2018 was Eugene and Ruth Slette of the La Glace Hereford Farm. the Slettes have been farming in the area since 1914.

The Eady family has been farming northwest of La Glace since 1928 and are the County of Grande Prairie's Farm Family of the year for 2017. The County will be hosting a banquet at the Agri-Show at Evergreen Park on March 10th to honor the Eadys.

The County of Grande Prairie 2016 Farm Family of the year are the Richards family of LaGlace.
The Richards have been farming in this area for three generations. They will be honored on March 11, 2016 at the Peace Country Classic Agri-Show.

Dennis & Linda Johnson along with Dennis' parents Marvin & Mabel Johnson of Valhalla are the 2015 Farm Family of the Year in the County of Grande Prairie. The Johnsons raise Bison and grow fescue on their land. They were honoured at the Agri-Show.

The Farm Family of the year for 2014 was the Schudlo family from Sexsmith. Harry Schudlo along with Emily, his wife, farm 3,250 acres of grains and oilseeds.

March 2014: The 2014 Peace Country Classic Agri-Show takes place each year at Evergreen Park. (March 6-8, 2014) You can view a Video spotlighting some of the events including a clip of Lyle West of Big Country 93.1 Radio as well as Dave Martin, Agri-show president.

View VIDEO> (2:35min)

Repairing Minnesota Mound and Septic Tank
Repairing a Septic Minnesota Mound near Grande Prairie (includes some of the costs)
CLICK HERE for local information and photos

WATER WELLS: Recommended to be tested for bacteriological quality twice a year and every 2 years for a chemical analysis. A shallow well may also require treatment a number of times per year.
DUG OUTS: Water from dug outs should not be used for drinking unless it is filtered and disinfected. The water then should be test for bacteriological and chemical quality to ensure its safety.
CISTERNS: Water should be pumped out and disinfected with bleach at least once a year to reduce bacteria and algae.

Note: Alberta Health Services provides the analysis of the water and provides small containers to collect the water samples for a fee. (Beaverlodge Public Health Centre, Fairview Health Complex, Grande Prairie Environmental Public Health, Provincial Building, High Level Northwest Health Centre, High Prairie Health Complex, Manning Community Health Centre, McLennan Sacred Heart Community Health Centre, Peace River Community Health Services, Spirit River Public Health Centre, Valleyview Public Health Centre. Fort St John BC and Dawson Creek BC.

Mar 2019: China is blocking some imports of Canadian canola due to suspected insect infestation. About 30 per cent of Alberta's canola was shipped by Richardson International Ltd which had its permit revoked. About 70 per cent of of canola related produts are exported to China.

Dec 2018: Farmers no longer are allowed to buy animal antibiotics over the counter. Farmers now require a veterinary prescription to purchase antibiotics.

Sept 2018: Early snow and rain makes it difficult to even get any swathing done in September.

Jan 2018: There will be an $300,000 expansion to the Wembley Co-op Seed Cleaning Association Building. The storage capability will be increased to 72,000 bushels. (photo 2005)

Nov 2017: Most crops in the Peace Country were off by the end of October. The west did well but the eastern parts of the Peace Country yielded less compared to previous years.

April 2016: Bridgeland Retail Fertilizer Plant opened just south of Sexsmith. The plant storage capacity is 5,350 metric tonnes with a main shed capacity of 4,000 metric tonnes.

April 2015: Local farmers and municipalities are working to keep genetecially-moidified alfalfa out of Alberta. Approximately 30% of Alfalfa is produced by Alberta Farmers. Canola and corn is already genetically modified.

Feb 2015: A case of mad cow disease has been found in Alberta (BSE). South Korea has now banned imports of Canadian beef. It has been 10 years since the mad cow crisis in Alberta that affected a lot of farmers and cattlemen in the Peace Country.

March, 2014: Grain farmers in the Peace Country are having a tough time turning their grain into cash. Big grain yields last fall has created a huge backlog getting the grain to market, with the biggest problem blamed on the rail system. The federal government has set targets for the amount of grain the railways must move weekly, or they will face stiff fines. ($100,000 daily)

The Agri Classic is an annual event held each spring at the Evergreen Park, Grande Prairie. On hand at the 2013 Agri Classic was Verlyn Olsen, Alberta's Minister of Agriculture, (pictured left) Wayne Drysdale - MLA GP Wapiti, and Everett McDonald MLA for GP Smoky. See the VIDEO below.


1) 2013 Agri-Classic
View VIDEO> (2:30min)
2) Everton Family VIDEO
View VIDEO> (3:54min
VIDEO 1: The Honorable Verlyn Olson, Alberta's Minister of Agriculture opened the 2013 Agri Show featuring many displays, bull sale, Big Jim of Big Country FM and more.
VIDEO 2: The Everton Family of Hythe are the County of Grande Prairie Farm Family of the Year 2013 and were honored at the Agri Show, Evergreen Park Grande Prairie.

Big crowd at the Annual Bull Sale - Agri Classic Evergreen Park.

It wasn't until the railroad came to the Peace Country in 1916, that many homesteaders were finally able to make their way here. It was a difficult time for the families that spent endless hours breaking the land for crops. Rocks, roots and trees had to be cleared and it was usually done by all members of the family. Wheat, barley and oats have been the traditional crops, and over the years canola was introduced. In recent years the Peace Country has become the largest producer of canola According the Alberta Canada, there are about 5,100 farms with a total of 5.8 million acres in the Alberta portion of the Peace Country. (2006 census). In the Peace Country the agricultural industry grew around 6% from 2006 to 2011.

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