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Dr Shalagan has been in practice for over 35 years. His expertise is the restoration of nerve, muscle, and joint function or balance. He combines specific chiropractic joint manipulation with patient-centered exercises and self-administered soft-tissue procedures. Dr. Shalagan manipulates or adjusts all spinal and extremity joints that are dysfunctional or hypo-mobile. Maternity patients, infants, children, adults and the elderly are treated with gentleness and respect. Chiropractic care is the treatment of choice for most headaches, neck pain, low back pain and poor posture. Get relief. Call 780-539-4321 today

Chiropractic Family Practice Associates

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Maintaining Good Health - Stretches and Muscle Strength.

Exercise Ball Techniques - Part 1

Exercise Ball Techniques - Part 2

Working on Postural Correction

Tennis Ball Massage Techniques

Neck Stretches

Arms and Shoulder Stretches

Applying Heat


Chiropractic Family Practice Associates
Dr Shalagan

104, 10134-97 Ave, Grande Prairie 780-539-4321